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Dynex Top the Leaderboard

Dynex Top the Cycle September Global Challenge Leaderboard

Taking part in this years’ Love to Ride Cycle September Global Challenge were 59 determined Dynex employees who competed against organisations with a workforce of 200-499 people.

The hours of cycling and dedication from our team secured Dynex with a 1st place position in the Lincolnshire leaderboard, 2nd place position in the National leaderboard and 4th place position in the Global leaderboard.

Cycle September is a Workplace challenge to encourage employees to enjoy the outdoors and cycle as many miles as possible throughout the month of September. The initiative has a number of benefits for individuals, our local community and our planet, through reducing carbon footprint, increasing activity levels, improving mental health and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Our top riders were Simon Grant, Bipolar Production Operator completing 457 miles, Ady Russell, Bipolar Production Section Leader who completing 380 miles and Malcom Farnsworth, Equipment Engineer completing 374 miles.

In addition to those riders who took part to compete, were the commuter cyclists. Our top riders in the commuter challenge were Simon Grant completing 240 miles, Lee Hodgson, Bipolar Production Section leader completing 119 miles and Lynn Starbuck, Bipolar Operator completing 117 miles.

Joining our local region in the Cycling challenge, Dynex were one of 70 organisations, that contributed 19,063 miles of the 75,095 Lincolnshire total.

A great achievement for the Dynex team! 


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